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Organic Range

10 varieties available for organic farming

Energy Seeds proposes a specific compound range for Organic Farming of 10 selected varieties.

These varieties particularly meet organic farming problematics (precocity, early vigor, resistance to diseases or to  insects, rustic character and resistance to stressful conditions, …) and are certified by ECOCERT.

Energy Seeds is also approved and controlled by ECOCERT for the marketing  of varieties usable in organic farming (Licence N° 230129T) and receives each year a Certificate of Agreement.

Energy Seeds’ organic seeds come from the multiplication on organic parcels.

The production is realized in Austria, country with a very high organic tradition and which produces many organic seeds. The production is Certified by Austria Bio Guarantee (ABG), the leader organism of Organic Control in Austria.

Energy Seeds guarantees the traceability of the marketing for the organic seeds.

These varieties are selected on 4 main criteria :

  • Precocity
  • Early vigor
  • Resistance to diseases and  insects
  • Rustic character and resistance to stressful conditions